Warehouse Management

The warehouse management solution by Business Cloud link has been designed to help you operate your company with precession to remove the chance of any conflict of the operations carried out by the client's company business. The warehouse management solutions consist of features that are advanced to manage operations and inventory for your business much more efficiently. The platform uses Odoo to offer an integrated system that is connected to aspects such as inventory and orders that make the complete process of managing your company business with Business Cloud Link easy, productive and cost-efficient. Warehouses are used to store the inventory or products which can be easily accessed and managed in Business Cloud Link’s warehouse solutions.

Businesses and companies that require multiple warehouses can also create and manage them, on our platform. We will provide you with a complete warehouse solution that begins with creating a warehouse window on our platform with details like the assigned name, and allocated address for operation, while also enabling clients to configure the shipping options for incoming, outgoing as well as resupplying products. Mentioned below is a breakdown, for a better understanding of the services included in the Warehouse solutions by Business Cloud Link.