Super charge the productivity of your business operations with SellerApp’s inventory management tools.

SellerApp offers all the clients the power to have complete control over the operations of their e-commerce business in the consumer goods industry by offering them all the right features.

The inventory management solution offered by SellerApp ensures smooth functions of the entire process from receiving, shipping, kit creation, data tracking, order pickup and much more.

Tracking lot numbers & expiration dates of all goods

Most of the consumer goods don't have long shelf life which makes managing the inventory in a consumer good industry a essential task. The solution offered by SellerApp offers clients the ability to track all their goods with the lot number as well as according to their expiration date which makes the process run much more smoothly.

Kit creation

With the kit creating feature offered by SellerApp, businesses can create customized kits by grouping multiple units of products under one single SKU, making the goods easier to track.

Integration for Shipping

SellerApps offers a complete Ecommerce management solution which extends to providing shipping integrations with all major service providers so you don't have to rely on a third party app to manage your orders. 

Barcode scanning

Scanning the product bar code makes the process of pickup and shipping faster. Businesses can print barcode labels for specific goods as well as wearhouse bins, making the process of scanning, pickup much earlier as well as verify goods for shipping faster.


SellerApp all the data of your business operations in one place for preparing strategic decisions for your company business.