The importance of having a good accounting solution system is an estimable part of an eCommerce business. This is because a small accounting error can lead up to major losses. Having a trusted acting system, especially if it is automated, is the best choice for any eCommerce Business.

The accounting solutions offered by Business Cloud Link create a web-based accounting system for your eCommerce business. The process of accounting solutions offered uses Odoo which requires no installation or maintenance that reduces the overall cost. The system used by Business Cloud Link for providing accounting solutions is fast, secure and reliable but is also multi-user friendly. Business Cloud Links gives our clients the ability to create multiple accounting folders online while also offering you features such as client reviews, and auto-filling data such as details of vendors that reduce the risk of any errors.

Business Cloud Link’s accounting solutions aim at providing the Client with a single inbuilt dashboard of tools that will assist them to track deadlines, automate reminders and simplify managing crucial documents. The accounting solution system also gives you an option to connect emails to document management for a better record of data for information and history, especially for an Ecommerce Business. The services go beyond that and also enable the clients to set automated reminders regarding the management of missing documents.


The accounting solutions also keep in mind the communication between the clients and the customer by providing an integrated system while also giving you a platform to create your personalized document modules. Business Cloud Link also offers a detailed view of every customer's account so you always have complete and accurate data that you can use for purposes such as business analysis. With the accounting solution system, you can also transfer all the data to excel for better understanding.

Make accounting easy and simple with the Odoo solution by BCL that offers Ultra-fast search along with providing integration with a wide option of banks. The accounting solutions enable clients to set up sales that will make the conciliation much faster. The accounting solutions also offer an overview of the vendor bills, customer invoices, and even company templates all in one place that is easy to access. The Clients can also set up invoice follow-up with automation according to their specific requirements. The Accounting solution application by BCL can easily be integrated with other applications such as inventory and purchases which increases the efficiency and productivity of an Ecommerce business while also validating workflow.