The order solution offered by Business Cloud Link has been configured to enable companies to manage everything from sales orders to manufacturing orders of their business, all in one place.

Companies can also set up automated responses for when an order is placed, so you can order the products to be manufactured or even in cases where the components for the production are required. The order management solution saves time and also eradicates any inconsistencies that may affect the manufacturing processes.

The order solutions offered by Business Cloud Link also include features such as getting quotes on the components or products that are required from designated vendors or even placing an order on the marketplace for the order to be manufactured. The order management system will result not only in saving the company, money and time but also increase the orders by offering quality services that help in creating long-term customers.

Manufacturing orders:

Companies that are manufacturers, use different applications to run their business, which creates a gap in communication between the workers that can affect the overall development of your company. With the Order solution offered by BCL clients, a platform where they can meet all their business needs such as MRP, quality, and much more all in one place.

The solution also gives our client's companies access to a master production schedule that is designed to offer you a complete order solution for the business where they can automate the manufacturing and purchase order planning.

The order solution ensures that your company business will be notified every time the company is low in stock by taking advantage of the demand forecast tool.

Business cloud link’s order solutions are also compatible with various devices such as bar code scanners, camera, scales, or any other measurement tool that result in saving a lot of time, the process is completely optimized which increases productivity and minimize the chance of any errors, as all the original documents are available.

The BCLs order management software solution is integrated that improves the communication of your company and also offers other features like quality assessment and creating major alerts.

Business Cloud Link aims at providing all the clients with the best and most complete order management solution, even if the issue faced by the clients is severe, we will provide them with an order solution with the assistance of Odoos PLM. The PLM makes creating and managing engineering change orders easy with the BCL’s solution tracking system which will enable our clients to organize material like bills automatically while also providing an overview of all the changes that are in progress, so companies can have a clear understanding and communication.

Sales orders:

The process of closing sales opportunities is faster and much simpler, with the order management system solution offered by Business Cloud Link. Companies can automate and set up quotations for their product lineup or service details while also enabling clients to modify the offered quotation to their customer's requirements.

The order solution offers a platform with an exceptional interface that runs smoothly, this makes adding references, and phrases that are closing triggers to create customized designs that will aid in closing more offers. Clients can access the orders easily through any digital device connected to the internet, including mobile phones.

Business Cloud Link’s Order solutions have integrated sales with all the top shipping services available for the company's American as well as Mexican customers. Clients can also access communication history and transactions through our order management system which creates an in-depth report of the company's sales activities revenue by the sales department. The revenue by category department will be simplified and categorized according to specific products by quarter or month. The reports are added to the dashboard for a better review or assessment. The order solution by Business cloud link is simple and easy to use but can exponentially increase your sales and orders for the growth of the business.