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If you are a business owner, managing operations and business while also assessing and catering to the automation need for your e-commerce business can affect your overall productivity. SellerApp offers all the clients a complete e-commerce solution that will help you in your operations and empower you to function with a larger & global channel.

 At SellerApp there is a team of professional experts who will ensure that the targeted goal and growth is achieved every time. The services offered by the seller app cover all the integrated details of the e-commerce business to effectively use the latest tools. The application considers all our clients extremely important and aims at providing the best e-commerce services that will be beneficial for the growth of the business. SellerApp provides a complete e-commerce solution to all types of business whether it is an international organization or a small business, we provide you customized solutions according to your needs and budget.

The services offered by the seller app have a transparent pricing system that will be prepared to offer you maximum profit and company growth. SellerApp offers the best marketplace integration in America along with vendor and shipment integrations.

SellerApp offers all the latest features that result in an effective implementation that positively affects the overall smoothness in functioning as well as the development of your business. Here are a few reasons, how SellerApp ensures the trust of all our clients and their companies:


experienced professionals who offer At SellerApp we have a team of experts who areyou the best solution and services using all the latest tools in the market. The main services offered by SellerApp are

Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)

Application Programming Interface(API) Development

Application Programming Interface(API) Connections


What is an API and how do our services benefit your business?

The main services offered by SellerApp are API and EDI. We have created a list of benefits offered by both along with the purpose of the services to give you a better understanding:


API is also known as an application programming interface. The main purpose of API services is to communicate data between computer programs. API services are used for mobile applications, websites, software, and even computer games.

The benefits of Application programming interface services are:

●     saves developers time by storing data and showing it on another platform of the website.

●     Stock data API makes it easier if you want to build any kind of stock marketing tracking application. 

●     Create charts, graphs, reports, and more by using the data provided through different sources.

●     Faster payments and transactions with accurate PO to invoice match

●     Accurate and updated listing of your online and in-store products

●     Access to monitor product sales opportunities by POS data from Amazon and other connections.


EDI is also known as electronic data interchange. This is among the most popular forms of structured exchange between organizations of business documents, which happens electronically. The SellerApp uses a relevant approach of utilizing EDI in accordance with your technical capabilities, budget, and business needs.

The benefits of Electronic data interchange services are:

●     Enhancing your businesses efficiency

●     Improves the communication and the accuracy if data that is interchanged

●     It results in strengthing the partnerships

●     Eliminates and reduces the error-prone data entry

●     Makes the exchange of documents much faster between you and your customers and business partner

●     SellerApp offers Instant EDI compliance for all supporting and orders documents

Customized service plans according to your business with The application SellerApp.

The application’s expert team will create a connection type that will fit the requirements of the marketplace; it can either be API or EDI. This choice is made according to the time available for the team as well as connection control.

The SellerApp also offers Odoo services to our clients who also require the server for Odoo.  The app sells to our clients as partners. You can decide all the details by choosing from our tools and options, you can choose your apps, extra integrations, hosting type, and implementation services and also offer you an option of monthly and annual packages.

Sellerapp offers you easy-to-access tools that will help you track the e-commerce aspect of your business and provide the best shipment integration in the USA, by offering you features such as:

●     Syncing orders

●     Syncing inventory

●     Syncing prices

●     Syncing products

●     Sending new purchase orders