Shipping is among the main aspects that affect the success of an eCommerce business. Having proper shipping solutions can benefit your business by creating customers and not just sales. Business Cloud Link offers shipping solutions with Odoo to offer you the best services and tools for your eCommerce business.

The e-commerce shipping solutions offer methods such as third-party shippers for deliveries by linking the transportation company tracking system. This gives companies a better hold over the real pricing, managing the transporting company and the destination.

Business Cloud Link has an established shipping integration with trusted companies such as Shipstation. BCL shipping solutions services are available for shipments to Mexico and America.

Business Cloud Links eCommerce shipping solutions enable companies to set up shipping methods inside the connector offered by us and then the delivery method that is suitable to the business requirements.

BCL offers a wide range of delivery methods for our clients to choose from. The Interface offered for shipping solutions is easy to use and also gives you access to individual UPS to provide the clients better control and reduce the risk of any errors.

When it comes to providing rates, Business Cloud Link’s e-commerce shipping solutions offer 2 types of basic cost policies that are used to determine the charges for the client's name, the estimated cost policy, and the real cost policy. In the estimated cost policy, we will provide a rate that is available.

The shipping solutions auto-fills all the essential data which not only saves time but also eradicates any chance of errors while filling up important details. This gives our clients better control over the shipping processes such as the number of days for shipping the order, which they can modify to create different price lists in accordance with special features such as fast deliveries.

The shipping solution by Business Cloud Link also mentions the price of the order that is to be paid for the purchase of the package itself. The details that will be printed on the package are shown to you for final confirmation before being processed.

The shipping solutions are compatible with other Odoo applications as well such as inventory, which comes in especially handy in the shipping process. This is because the clients can check the data from other Odoo applications such as inventory, accounting, etc, all in one place this makes the process efficient. And much quicker. You can also control packaging details such as packing more than one item in one box to reduce the cost or even to manage the order better.

You can also set up customized margins, which come in handy for eCommerce business in sales. By creating a margin in the e-commerce shipping solutions, clients can reduce the chances of losses even if the product is returned.

For companies that accept returns, our shipping solutions also offer details for returns on the labels of the packages. The shipping solutions by Business Cloud Link give easy access to the clients to track the packages and send alerts to their customers via email or SMS as well as the ability to customize features such as setting free shipping according to the set minimum order amount.

Destination availability is another important tool offered in shipping solutions. This gives the clients a chance to set the area, from where one may place an order. This comes beneficial especially for internal and global organizations and businesses that require shipping outside America.