If you were in the market for e-commerce management tools to run your furniture business then the SellerApp is just what you need!

Seller app understands that managing the inventory of a company in the furniture industry can be difficult which is why we ensure that our services and tools assist you in running all your business operations smoothly. We offer tools that will support every step of your operation, for both retail and wholesale. Fast track your business goals by removing any hiding cost and take your company to the next level only with SellerApp.

Replacement products

SellerApp offers the feature to add specific interchangeable products or goods with replacement SKUs configuration. This makes the process faster as our ship and scan feature will replace the SKU and print the shipping label after recognising the interchangeable product.

Support for wholesale businesses

The inventory management solution offered by SellerApp offers tools that assist in accomplishing tasks required by wholesale business such as assembling products, assorting goods, or breaking bulk goods into small packages much more easy and simple.

Integration for Shipping:

SellerApps offers a complete Ecommerce management solution which extends to providing shipping integrations with all major service providers so you don't have to rely on a third party app to manage your orders.