Companies from various industries use Seller Application to maintain their business and achieve their desired goals.


Businesses that are in the electronics industry require an excellent inventory system for running the company’s business operations. With SellerApp, you can rest assured that your business will never run out of stock.


SellerApp empowers businesses in the apparel industry to control all their business operations on a single platform with all the latest e-commerce business tools.


The healthcare industry requires an excellent inventory management system for maximum efficiency.


If you were in the market for e-commerce management tools to run your furniture business then the SellerApp is just what you need!


The ideal e-commerce management platform for business in the automotive industry.

Consumer Goods

Super charge the productivity of your business operations with SellerApp’s inventory management tools.


Home & Garden

Expand your home and garden business faster than ever with the SellerApps. Manage and add online channels to increase the reach of your business by selling on large multiple channels online and also manage the shipment with the omni-channel feature for a smooth and fast process.

Hotel & Restaurants

Make your hotel automated and simplify all daily operations with the system offered by SellerApp.

Business Cloud Link Offers

Simplify your Business with Us.

Business Cloud Link prides itself on being the best multi-channel e-commerce platform by providing effortless and effective support to companies in different industries and helping them achieve the target growth in their business on a global scale.

Business Cloud Link supports industries such as Reselling, Trading, Manufacturing, Restaurant Management POS, E-commerce websites, and much more.

Business Cloud Link has successfully assisted many companies in establishing a successful business. We have clients from the healthcare and fashion industry to household goods or electronics companies.

BCL offers Odoo integration connections with all the top leading marketplaces, vendors, and shipping services so you can get the complete solution for all your business needs.

The platform offered by Business Cloud Link allows businesses from various industries to access tools that can benefit their business. Centralized product management can be an especially effective tool for a retailing company.

Business Cloud Link is a multi-channel eCommerce platform. BCL is currently managing 2 lakh products on various platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify for various industries and assisting them in running their business operations, even on a global scale.

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