Having an eCommerce business means that you have customers globally, this requires the business to keep an updated price listing and accurate inventory to maintain its place in the market today. All this can be a daunting task and requires a lot of time and skills. With Business cloud links to Odoo Inventory solutions, you can save time and money while having access to all the tools so you can easily sync your inventory as well as your product catalogues and much more all at one place on all the channels.

Business Cloud links functions as a connector between Odoo services that gives you a better organisation system with stalk and deliveries. BCl aims at assisting the warehouse management process by keeping track of all the incoming and outgoing items through Odoo Inventory tools. BCL has simplified the solution to all your Inventory requirements in one place with Business cloud link’s Odoo solution. You can manage all the tools for your inventory through Odoo and manage activities like delivery orders, receptions, backorders etc.

Business cloud link also offers you an option other than manual transfer request by enabling a barcode scanner or any other work flow and scanner hardware. Odoo inventory solutions by BCL also offer assistance at various other levels of warehouse management including shipping and carriers. We offer integrated shipping partners such as shipstation. You can also manage the integrities of the process such as validating customer addresses, computing the accurate shipping price, printing shipping labels and much more with a click.

Odoo inventory solutions by Business cloud link also enables you to access all your products and manage inventory of sales and purchases that are in progress, all in one place. You can also trace individual item movement as well as process brand transfers. With the Odoo inventory, you will not require any manual adjustments, this will not just save you money but also time.

If your company requires a specific warehouse setup, BCLs Odoo inventory solutions can help you with that too. Setting up the warehouse is simple and easy and once the configuration is completed, Odoo will provide In-time updates of your inventory reports, such as forecast, traceability and costing. The reports provided are dynamic which gives you access to creating groups, and filters which can then be drilled down to get clear snapshots of your inventory assists. This also gives you access to allocate inventories to orders that are carried out in accordance to a set of criteria such as shipping method, order value, region, etc.

The inventory is fully integrated so everyone can be updated. You can also manage a multi-warehouse system and drop shipping, with BCLs Odoo inventory solutions you can do it all. You can also contact the Business cloud link for reserving inventory for specific deals and channels.

Business cloud link’s inventory solutions offer solutions that eliminate overselling products with tracking tools and also give constant updates regarding the inventory, such as alerts for low inventory. The inventory solutions go beyond just offering you information and data and can simply reorder the Low inventory products from your designated supplier on the BCL platform itself.