Having to maintain inventory, purchase orders, pricing and managing suppliers is among the most crucial parts of running an eCommerce business. Business cloud link has created an interface where one can easily get a purchase management solution that will also assist you in tracking all your suppliers as well. Business cloud links purchase management solution is a complete package of tools that not only automate your purchasing procedures but also increase the productivity and functionality of your inventory and purchases. We also provide accurate data with the information of purchases and their history and all the suppliers, in one place. This also makes it easy for your company to assess the data and make the order that will be the most productive for the business.

The purchasing solutions offered by Business Cloud link are flexible and fit all sizes of industries and businesses using Odoo, an open source ERP system that is the best in the market. The services offered in our purchasing solutions will not only make your business more organized but also manage all your purchase processes much more efficiently. Business Cloud Link offers a variety of tools of Odoo that enables it to do much more than just manage purchase orders, such as managing suppliers, pricing, returned goods, accounting, RFQs, etc. As the Purchasing solutions by Business Cloud Link use Odoo, you can also customize the process by adding or cutting out a step of the process to make it much more convenient for our client's company business.


With the purchase solutions offered by Business Cloud Link, you automate the purchase order process across all online channels using only a single inbuilt dashboard. The purchase order management system also automates the purchasing process by handling suppliers and payments using procurator propositions and also makes the process of launching requests for quotations, managing received products, and tracking purchases much simpler.


The solution also comes with an OpenERP purchase order management system that will effectively reduce the overall cost, save a lot of precious time, along with eradicating any chance of human error which can result in big losses. The Purchase order management application can be integrated with other applications such as accounting and inventory, which simplifies and completely changes the way you conduct your eCommerce business.


Having a trusted purchase order tracking system is crucial for all eCommerce businesses, this is because an issue in the purchase orders can result in affecting the production and sales reducing the corporate earnings of a company. With the purchase order tracking system provided by Business Cloud Link, we not only give our clients the best purchase order tracking systems but also enable our clients to make changes while the order is in progress that reducing the risks of losses while eliminating any chance of error.