Make your hotel automated and simplify all daily operations with the system offered by SellerApp

Seller app has created a one-stop solution for companies in the restaurants and hotel business. In this day and age, the hospitality industry has to keep diesel sales updated with all the test trends and systems, to better understand your customer's needs and requirements. SelleApp offers businesses a chance to create an effortless system for fast and smooth reservations directly on the official website with other features such as:

●     Integration with payment getaways

●     Multiple currencies and languages

●     Widgets and centralised data are available for max efficiency

●     Website support by chat bot

●     Quick and simple booking processes are available

Benefits of managing hotels and restaurants with SellerApp

SellerApp has created the platform with POS integration for better managing the business operation of the hotel as well as restaurants. The POS enables businesses to centrally manage payments and orders.

This not only makes the operations run much more productively but also acreages accuracy. Additional features such as sending out your guest's messages on special occasions or festivals also improve customer relations.