Having a business means that you are required to print, store and maintain all the essential documents which can lead to a number of expenses such as the printing and product cost, storage space, etc. The Catalog solution offered by the Business Cloud Link will store all your essential documents, securely and will be available to you at the click of a button. The process benefits the overall effectiveness and productivity of the business due to accurate data references.

As most of the transactions and documents are revived online, eCommerce companies have the advantage of going paperless and having all their documents saved and cataloged with Odoo. Business Cloud Link’s catalog solutions offer clients the ability to make their important documents be stored online so they remain secure, safe, and also available for everyone with permission to access. BCL uses Odoo DMS which is a tool that is used to organize documents from every department and other criteria such as specifications.

In the Catalog solution, clients can customize their own workspaces, as well as use the default workspace that has been designed to offer maximum efficiency, while having multiple workspaces for your business.

The solution offered is advantageous for the environment and the eCommerce business as, by going paperless, our clients can access their documents remotely from any device with an internet connection while saving a lot of trees in the process. In the process of destroying your cataloged documents digitally, you also save a lot of time that is usually put into finding and storing hard copies of documents.

Business cloud links use different relevant tags to create different categories for your documents, for easy differentiation and access. You can also set up instructions or extra information with the tool kits to every tag for a better understanding of when to use them. The documents stored can be in any form, such as invoices, receipts, etc. The catalog solution also offers an easy-to-use interface, where you can preview all the uploaded documents without downloading the entire document, which results in saving a lot of time and device storage. 

The catalog solution by BCL improves the workflow of an eCommerce business by offering the feature to chat and highlight documents. This not only helps in creating better communication between the companies employees but also gives our clients a better understanding and functions at every process of the e-commerce business while also giving them an option to lock a document that will allow the employees access to view but will notify about the document being restricted by the company.

Using digital document cataloging also saves the client a lot of time, as you can also set up automated commands in each workspace for the documents. This will automatically categorize documenters into categories such as validation, move to inbox, etc. Other features such as downloading the documents, sharing the documents with someone outside of your company which would give them access to the document without logging in, replacing and updating the documents, archiving documents, retracting older records of the updated documents, and much more. The company can also specify the access of the documents, to limit sharing of sensitive documents by setting up access rights.