A successful business should have an optimized operation for sale, stock and accounting. The POS solution by Business Cloud Link allows companies to handle all of the operations, easily and in a much more time-efficient manner. POS Solution, which strands for point of sale solutions have an interface that is designed to enable companies business to serve multiple customers, simultaneously.

Companies can also use devices such as barcode scanners to apply discounts, authenticate loyalty cards, and even get the price of any product in your company’s business inventory with the point of sale solution.

The POS solution also comes with the availability of credit card payment and invoicing with the accounting integration, this comes in handy, especially for businesses that sell the same products in different shops with Inventory integration. The inventory levels of your company are automatically updated, every time the product is sold, the platform will indicate accurate product availability. 

The point-of-sale solution by Business Cloud Link is designed to offer productive solutions not just for shops, but also have features that are designed for restaurants and bar management. Businesses such as restaurants can create customized tables and fit them with the restaurant's map, connect to devices such as printers, process orders, send kitchen orders, split bills, and much more.

Tasks such as tracking warranties, handling refunds, promotion, scheduling deliveries, and customizing orders can be done on the Business Cloud Links’s point of sale solution platform in just a few clicks.

The platform offered by Business Cloud Link for POS solution will provide the company's accountant with accurate data by integrating with accounting integration. The accountant will be updated every time your business receives an order and remain updated at all times. The POS solution aims at providing a complete solution for all the companies needs on a single platform, for an effective and faster growth of the business